Weekends And Engines

I am just getting up from a nap… though it’s sort of my ‘real’ sleep today.

Helaine and Stef went to Mohegan Sun for this evening’s Rick Springfield concert. There were a few things for me to do for them before they left, so I was up early (well, for me early).

My thought was to go directly to bed as the garage door closed, do not pass go. Someone would be coming around 12:30, but there was plenty of time to catch up on sleep before then.


Maybe it’s the bad weather we’ve had which pushed everything back? Maybe it’s just the weekend and people are home? Whatever the reason, as I attempted to sleep there were internal combustion engines of every type all across the neighborhood. Each seemed to have enough noise to power a DC-3.

These people have chores to do. Far be it from me to ask them to change and accommodate my wacky sleep schedule. Even I’m not that selfish. That won’t stop me from grousing about the noise.

Most of what I heard came from riding mowers… but not all. The loudest noises, difficult to ignore, came from engines that idle most of the time, ramping up to a shrill cacophony when it’s time for the real work. There’s just no disregarding those.

The windows were closed (though they started open) and these babies were still loud!

When I finally did get back to sleep, it was downstairs in the family room, with intervening walls between me and the outside world… and Wolf Blitzer lightly droning on in the background.

You would think weekdays would be the most difficult to maintain my ‘Hawaiian time in Connecticut,’ lifestyle. Nope. Weekend noise is the most consistent. Only the rain that’s now falling (again), stops it.

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