Always Being On Camera – More

I recently wrote about Steffie, taking pictures outside a Broadway theater. Lots of cameras – everywhere. Some were ‘conventional’ cameras, but many more were cellphone cameras.

Here’s another example. Steffie and Helaine went to see Rick Springfield at Mohegan Sun on Sunday evening. As he usually does, Rick went into the crowd. Take a look at how many people are photographing him! And that’s just those you can see in this tightly cropped shot.

Things are definitely changing.

One thought on “Always Being On Camera – More”

  1. I experienced something like this at a recent bike race. As the race passed, all the people in the front row raised their cameras/phones and concentrated on taking pictures (which couldn’t have been very good) and everyone else suddenly had to look through a sea of waving arms.

    When did it become more important to get a picture than to experience an actual event?

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