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Last night was the annual New Haven Advocate “Best of” awards. I was the emcee… though this year I wasn’t the winner in my category. My weather cohort, Dr. Mel Goldstein takes home the framed certificate.

Second isn’t bad, but from now on I will hold a cute puppy every time I appear on TV.

These ‘best of’ competitions are interesting, because it was years before I realized they were very much advertising vehicles for the publication that sponsors them. I’m too naive, I suppose.

The event was held at Anthony’s on the water in New Haven. It is a beautiful spot, especially on a night like last night. The water in the harbor was calm. The sun was setting in the distance. The night had all the promise of our summer to come.

I also like Anthony’s because they have really good Italian food – especially the seafood.

In order to be as inclusive as possible (remember – advertising) there are a zillion categories. Yes, there is a best place to buy a futon! There is also a best funeral home (whose owner admonished me not to say funeral parlor). I won’t be surprised if they introduce a best street between Whitney and State.

When you’ve got so many people, businesses and organizations to honor, you end up with the Yale University Art Gallery and an ‘adult entertainment facility’ getting a certificate within seconds of each other.

It is possible some facility workers go to Yale and some Yale workers go to the facility. That’s synergy!

When I go to this type of event, I love to schmooze. I am a good schmoozer.

I hope they ask me back next year.

4 thoughts on “Best Of New Haven”

  1. Geoff, just last week, i was criticized by a woman not that much younger than me for saying “funeral parlor” myself!

    She blamed my age.

    What is the story on that, do you know?

    By the way, Im only a year younger than you, but with a whole lot more gray hair.

  2. It’s just like the words adultery/ adulteress / adulterer. There are some words we use that are nicer than others, but in the end, they all mean the same thing. It is what it is, not matter what euphemism we try to use.

  3. For the record: Geoff was a terrific host — we’d be honored to have him back next year..

    And while Best Of is absolutely a terrific advertising vehicle, it is also a snapshot of all of the folks who make the Greater New Haven area so vibrant and rich — and I think the fact that we can have a Best Adult Entertainment and Best Art Gallery category live near each other is a testament to that fact.

    BTW: Our category list has grown over the years because of suggestions and requests from readers as much as anything else.

    Speaking of which, next year I promise to add the category: Best Local Weatherman with a Blog or Best Local Weatherman Without Age-Appropriate Gray Hair.

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