Favorite Time Of The Day

I guess I’m pretty lucky. I get along with my co-workers. Not everyone can say that. Heck, I couldn’t always say that&#185!

Most nights, four of us go out to dinner. We’re three men and a knitter.

It’s the same place most evenings, sitting at a big round table in the corner. The waitresses all know us and the coffee and tea come out right away.

The food’s good, but what makes the evening fun is the companionship. We all genuinely have a good time together, and there’s little we can’t say to each other, about each other… but more often about others.

We gossip.

Actually, is there anyone who doesn’t gossip? There’s always good stuff going on. If it’s not where we work, it’s someplace else. Cheesy stuff makes for good conversation.

Somehow, a long time ago, it just evolved that one of us would pick up the tab each evening… though we’re never quite sure whose night it is. I think it all works out over the long run.

Our round table would make a great sitcom.

&#185 – Back in Buffalo, I once had a boss who upset me so much my stomach would be in knots long before I left the house to drive to the station. I was swigging Pepto most of the day. It was unhealthy and no fun.

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