No News On The Weekend

This has been a lost weekend for the Fox family. Though today was Stef’s birthday, we didn’t do much. Our big celebration, a ceremonial family dinner, happens tomorrow.

Earlier this afternoon, Helaine was watching TV. It was food or shopping. I can’t be sure. I glaze over at the thought of either.

I asked nicely if I could put on the news, and proceeded to do just that. It was mid-afternoon. No local TV news then. CNBC was running an infomercial. MSNBC was in some prison. I caught the last moment of a female anchor tossing to a long form program on CNN. I ended up at Fox.

We watched for a minute or so – until the anchor started reading copy about a story we had on my station two nights ago.

“No news today,” said Helaine.

It’s a real pity, but news does seem to stop over the weekend. It’s not limited to TV. Here on the Internet, many of my favorite niche sites stop updating on Friday and pick up again on Monday. A few rotate through their headlines, so there are different lead stories showing, but it’s the same overall rundown. I’m not fooled.

I guess it’s because of traffic. This site, as an example, has its lowest traffic on the weekend.

Maybe, on the other hand, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Cut back on content and readership/viewership will fall too.

Because of the Internet I need more, not less content. I’m like a caged animal, flitting between sites and networks all weekend. It can’t be just me?

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