Death To Comic Sans

I was flipping through the channels earlier today. There was a show (it could have been on a public access channel) where the text identifying the host (what are often called ‘lower third fonts’) was written in Comic Sans MS. That’s a font that comes installed on every PC.

It is now banned. As of today, you no longer have my permission to use it.

OK – I don’t have that power (yet). But, if I did, Comic Sans would be outta here.

It’s supposed to look like casually written text, but it’s often used in a formal design setting (like the aforementioned lower third). Whatever the case, it’s ugly. No, it’s butt ugly!

Comic Sans MS is unlike every other font that comes on your computer. There are some, like Trebuchet, Verdana and the universally overused Arial, that are great. There are plenty of non-Comic fonts to show your casual side.

Is it possible for a type face to bother me? Yes! Is this a sign of some sort of obsessive disorder? Probably.

20 thoughts on “Death To Comic Sans”

  1. Yes! Death to Comic Sans! People use this font to be ‘cute’ or in worse cases, formal! Geoff, I feel your pain and I have always felt that this font is just TERRIBLE and Microsoft should BAN this font from the new version of Windows!

  2. I agree with you 100%. I have been on an anti-Comic Sans crusade for years. Any graphics house that agrees to use it for its customers should be automatically shut down just on principle.

    I forget which college it is that used Comic Sans on its basketball court … I only see it on TV during tournament time (Boise State, maybe? Their football field is BLUE, for gods’ sake, I wouldn’t put this faux pas past them either).

    However, full disclosure time here: I used Comic Sans on the most recent web site I designed … but the whole thing has a comics theme, and the actual font that was used for the album’s liner notes isn’t web-safe, so Comic Sans was the closest we could do. It made me slightly ill, but had to be done.

  3. I totally agree! I was just talking with someone about this because I’m obsessed with the fact that my laboratory manuals are in Comic Sans. How can I expect them to think it’s a serious topic (biology) when it’s written in Comic Sans. Ugh!

  4. It’s a great font for teachers of young children. I used it for years in my preschool. Very non-threatening. Loved it. Can see, however, why so many don’t. Unless you’re around tonka toys, barbies, wooden blocks, and Circle Time, it probably knows no other place.

  5. Completely disagree with using comic sans when working with small children. I believe in surrounding young children with beauty and quality materials (i.e. real art supplies vs Crayola’s newest product). I prefer Century Gothic for it’s simplicity and nice round shapes. It does have a serious flaw for teaching – the lowercase L and uppercase i are the same, which must be corrected by hand. Still looking for the perfect font!

  6. I like Comic Sans. I really do. I also like Verdana and Tahoma. My very favorite font is one called Leelawadee. I like a font that is easy to read. Granted, there are times when the use of Comic Sans is inappropriate, but I think “banning” a font is a bit over the top. It is not that big a thing to worry about in this crazy world.

    I like having a choice. We’ve already lost so many of our personal freedoms. Leave it alone.

  7. Stick to the Weather Geoff its what your good at. Leave Comic Sans MS alone. I mean if you absolutely have to carry out a Vendetta against a Font go after a Font that deserves one’s Disdain ‘Wingdings’

  8. My brilliant daughter-in-law wrote this (see below) for the new Pastelgram magazine this spring. You have confirmed for me how right on she is in her opinions.

    “Comic Sans, No One Likes You Except Computer Illiterate Women” | by Sarah Celentano Parker

  9. Geoff,
    I’m just glad computers Don’t come with a font that has little hearts as the dots for the small ” i “!
    Or, smiley faces in the “O”‘s!

  10. Ha ha, ha ha. I used to use that fon for the purpose of appearing casual and not business related but when I got older it looked distressing, if you will.

    So I have to agree with you on this one Geoff.

    Also, how and where is your subscribe button?

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