Backyard Woodpecker

It wasn’t quite 8:30 AM when Helaine heard the sound. A woodpecker was drilling holes in one of two dead trees in our backyard.

No one knew to look before, but the tree is full of holes where the woodpecker had already done his thing. Alongside the trunk there’s a pile of splinters. The woodpecker doesn’t neaten up after himself.

Helaine raced upstairs and got the camera. Luckily, it was still set from a concert, and though not perfect, reasonably close to what was needed in this morning’s gloom.

Helaine snapped off a dozen or so shots through the screened window in our Sun Room.

She’s from a congested part of Philadelphia, and I grew up in a building with a brick facade. Woodpeckers are way beyond our expertise.

As long as he doesn’t try to peck our house’s siding, he’s welcome to stay. It’s our treat… and let the chips fall where they may.

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