Working Out The Kinks

Helaine and I spent a good part of the afternoon working on the ‘business’. It was an interesting exercise, because I’d never tried to quantify exactly what has to be done before.

What I learned was, step-by-step it’s not so difficult. Putting together all the steps is.. and a little confusing to boot.

Now, when people ask, “can’t I do this myself,” I’ll have a better grasp on why I should say, “no.”

Unless you understand the nuisances of web design, these are kludgey, disjointed, meaningless moves. Even knowing how it all turns out, some of the steps still make no outward sense.

Helaine was quite game, taking notes on a yellow legal pad. In the end, she’ll be doing a lot of this. Before long she’ll probably even understand what she’s doing.

That’s really the exciting part, because once she understands the big picture, she’ll be able to make the process better and see things I never thought of.

It’s scary, but it’s coming together.

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