Observations From Colbert

Helaine and Stef had a very good time at the Colbert Report. Here are a few of their observations.

They waited in line&#185 in an alley, adjacent to the studio. The alley is covered, which wasn’t an advantage yesterday, but would be in inclement weather.

None of the standbys got in. Some of those with ‘real’ tickets were shut out as well! The tickets say that’s possible, but how awful to schlep to New York and see nothing.

The studio itself is small. Actually, tiny is the word Helaine used. There were 100 in the audience, at the most. Their seats were off to the side, but Helaine and Stef said the sight lines were good.

The taping started at 7:15 PM. It was supposed to start at 7:00 PM. I’ve been to Letterman, Leno, Conan and even Johnny Carson tapings. They all started on time and ran straight through. There were two restarts when Stephen blew a cue at the end.

I thought the show was taped straight through like the others. Bad guess.

Last night’s show featured a segment called “Formidable Opponent,” where Colbert debated himself. One Colbert wore a red tie, the other a blue tie.

Helaine told me the bit was done ‘live to tape,’ which was very surprising. It looked like it was totally done in post production. In fact, the shame is, it was so flawlessly done, you miss the difficulty in pulling it off. Very funny. Well written.

The red tie, blue tie ruse was done electronically.

I think they’re both glad they went, but two hours travel in each direction, plus the waiting was an awful lot for a 30 minute show.

As they were leaving, some people behind them caught sight of Colbert. “He looks shorter than he does on TV.” Helaine and Stef laughed. People always say that about me.

In person, Colbert is younger and better looking than he is on TV. Me too?

I am efforting photos from Stefanie’s camera.

&#185 – Since this happened in Manhattan, I could say “waited on line.” That’s the preferred local usage.

One thought on “Observations From Colbert”

  1. I was lucky enough to get to a taping last fall, shortly after the Colbert Report went on the air (I think it was episode 18). It was raining that day, so we did indeed appreciate the covered alley while we were waiting!!

    The taping was a lot of fun. It was the first appearance of the “Bring Him Back/Leave Him Dead” segment, so we got to do a lot of yelling of “Bring Him Back!!!” and “Leave Him Dead!!!” until they got the recording right. This part of the taping totally cracked Colbert up. 🙂

    I want to get to another taping sometime…

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