Blogging Pays Off

A few weeks ago I wrote about the PokerStars “Blogger’s Tournament.” Me, and a few thousand of my closest friends, were invited to play in a poker tournament just because we blog.

Well, actually that’s not true. There was a catch. I had to run a little icon that showed I was in.

The tournament got underway today at 4:00 PM. There were 2247 entries, though that number is misleading. A significant number who qualified never played. Their chips were just blinded off until they were out.

The top 54 places got paid. From 54 to 51 received a PokerStars jacket. I was hoping not to win that.

Then there were entries in a weekly tournament, Ipod Nanos, entries in a World Series of Poker Satellite tournament and one World Series of Poker entry. Don’t poo poo that – it’s worth $10,000 plus $2,000 PokerStars throws in.

I finished 19th of 2247 – not bad. For my efforts I get a $370 entry in a tournament July 16th. The top 150 finishers get a World Series of Poker entry plus $2,000.

If I play then anything like I played today, I’m going to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it’s tough to play like I played today. Wish me luck. I’ll need it.

One thought on “Blogging Pays Off”

  1. I sure wish I read the directions after signing up. I showed up just after it started and then read you had to register first. I just assumed I could show up and play!

    Good showing on your behalf, though. Did you beat Wil Wheaton?

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