Global Warming As Seen By TV Meteorologists

An interesting ‘survey’ was posted on a TV meteorology bulletin board I frequent. It concerns Global Warming, and it’s pretty self explanatory.

  1. Global Warming is caused primarily by humans and is a very serious threat for the future of humanity. 4% (3)
  2. Global Warming is caused primarily by humans, but we will successfully deal with it. 3% (2)
  3. Global Warming is caused by both humans and natural cycles. 15% (11)
  4. Global Warming is caused primarily by natural cycles, although humans are probably contributing. 55% (39)
  5. Global Warming is part of natural weather cycles. 11% (8)
  6. Global Warming is not really happening, but is an artifact of local climate changes (urban effects), changes in instrumentation, and natural cycles. 11% (8)

This is non-scientific. I’m not even sure if all the participants are meteorologists – though the vast majority surely are. It certainly goes against the scientific consensus while conforming to exactly the result I expected.

Operational meteorologists, the people who forecast every day, remain skeptical about Global Warming.

Are you surprised?

2 thoughts on “Global Warming As Seen By TV Meteorologists”

  1. There’s a similar (and probably related) pattern in politics that correlates education level and voting tendencies:

    In the last 2 Presidential elections college graduates and people with some college education voted Republican over Democrat by a margin of 6 percent in 2000, with a slightly larger margin in 2004 of 6 percent and 8 percent, respectively. While people with a post graduate education voted Democrat over Republican by a margin of 8 percent in 2000 and 11 percent in 2004.

  2. An interesting paper submitted about 10 years ago to the AMS journals had a similar purpose to find the correlation between a forecaster’s education and his accuracy.

    The conclusion was that experience is key.

    It’s available here, if you’re interested: click.

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