Cool NASA Video

I am married, but I still enjoy looking at Jessica Alba. I am not a fan of the Space Shuttle, but I still enjoy looking at Shuttle video.

That seemed like a necessary analogy.

Anyway, NASA has some of the coolest video around, because they’ve got some exceedingly cool places to mount cameras. Here’s one I’d never seen before.

The video was taken from a camera mounted on one of the Solid Rocket Boosters – the Roman Candle part of the blastoff. Unlike the main engines, once you start these puppies up, they burn until expended. They cannot be shut down.

The full seven minutes of video can be a little tedious. So, let it download and then ‘scrub’ along the timeline. You’ll particularly enjoy SRB separation, as the Shuttle flies off and splashdown. The camera continued to work after the SRB had fallen into the Indian Ocean.

Way cool.

2 thoughts on “Cool NASA Video”

  1. That is ridiculously awesome! The seperation looks unreal.. I’ve never seen anything like that! Thanks for sharing…

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