The Password Is – Beryl

Tropical Storm Beryl is passing harmlessly to my south as I peck away at the keyboard. There’s a Tropical Storm Watch up for Connecticut – though I’m unsure why.

Whether we deserve a watch or not is not the most perplexing thing about Beryl. It’s the name itself; specifically the pronunciation.

A good friend of mine was once married to a Beryl. Her name was pronounced “beh-ruhl.” But, as this storm progressed, it was being referred to as “burl,” though not by me. I stuck to my guns.

Still, I got this yesterday:

PLEASE, could you pronounce Beryl correctly. It’s said like Sheryl, with a “B.” Two syllables, “beh ril.” Not “Berl,” like Berl Ives, not “barrol,” as in roll out the barrel. This is an English name, and the name of a gemstone, which is lovely, when pronounced correctly. While I’m very amused to have a storm named after me, please give me my 15 minutes of fame by pronouncing it correctly. Have a (hopefully) sunny day,

Uhh… that’s how I was pronouncing it. Why even try?

Here’s the funny part. This guy has no idea Beryl is a ‘girl storm! The World Meteorological Organization, in a move toward political correctness, rotates between men’s and women’s names.

Though followed by the gender neutral Chris, Beryl follows Alberto.

Blogger’s note: All the hurricane/cyclone/typhoon names for the world are available online. Pronouncing Beryl is the least of our problems!

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