My Friend Kevin’s Battle

I have mentioned Kevin before. We’ve been friends for 15 years or so.

Kevin is the nicest person I know. Believe me, this takes nothing away from anyone else. He’s just that nice.

A few weeks ago Kevin called to tell me he was in the hospital. He’d recently undergone back surgery and didn’t sound too distressed. I popped by the next afternoon.

Kevin related the story of having some pain and nausea, seeing the doctor and being told to go to the hospital then – I’m mean then.

It was a blood clot in his pancreas. I’m smart enough to know blood clots can be disastrous. Precaution is good.

When I got back to work, I started researching blood clots in the pancreas. It’s not something I’d heard of before. Then I saw, it’s often a marker of pancreatic cancer.

But Kevin was in none of the ‘favored’ groups. He was a non-smoker, non-diabetic, caucasian with no family history. It made no difference.

The tests came back the next day. Kevin had pancreatic cancer and in a pretty advanced stage. It had begun to spread to nearby organs.

I know all that, because we’ve talked about it. But if you just spoke to Kevin, you’d have no idea. He’s up, positive, sunny. He’s his regular self.

Still, he knows what’s going on better than anyone else could. Pancreatic cancer is terrible. It’s fast and usually fatal.

He’s begun chemo, hopefully to extend his life. Who knows? Nothing’s certain. Dr. Mel Goldstein, who I work with at the TV station, pulled lots of strings to get Kevin hooked with the right people. If there’s a chance for help, he’s properly situated to get it.

It’s tough not to remember Dr. Mel was told he had incurable, fatal cancer ten years ago. He ‘should’ have been dead years ago. That’s why you can’t give up.

Kevin knows his family and friends want to know what’s going on. Some of them are sheepish about asking. That’s human nature. So, he’s started a blog.

Kevin has begun putting entries on The blog is still in its early stages, but he’ll catch on quickly and start foaming at the mouth, as I often do.

We’re throwing a party when he gets to the 1,000th entry.

3 thoughts on “My Friend Kevin’s Battle”

  1. Pancreatic cancer is a disease that shows no favoritism. My brother was also a non-smoker, non-diabetic, caucasion, was in excellent physical health as a runner, and did not even drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. After diagnosis, he fought it with every treatment available (including a Whipple surgery) and survived one year before passing just before Christmas 2004. His life was spent in service to others, and he was dearly loved by many in his church and community, as evidenced by the hours that friends waited in line to pay their respects. I’ll never understand why some of the best human beings are dealt the worst cards in life. Wishing all the best to you and your friend, Kevin.

  2. Geoff, in between poker games a couple of weeks ago, not only your words but the threat of tears in your eyes as well as the timbre of your voice expressed your love and concern for your good friend Kevin. Those feelings are in themselves wonderful gifts to this fine man, and all your friends join with you in willing the best for Kevin. I am looking forward with great anticipation to his 1,000th entry party.

  3. Geoff, terribly sorry that happened to your friend Kevin. My grandfather died of the same disease 16 years ago, it was realy hard on my family, especially my father. I hope Kevin pulls through, sorry this comment was a bit late though

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