Bachelor Saturday

Helaine and Steffie had plans today. Actually, that worked out well. I don’t particularly think of myself as good company today. My cold’s still here, though I’m hoping it’s peaked (or at the worst, peaking).

It’s not tough to revert to that bachelor lifestyle. I just had left over lo mein… cold from the dish. I’ve got soup too. Even I won’t eat that cold.

I spent some time with my computers today. I bought a larger hard drive a few days ago with the thought of upping the capacity of my DVR. There was a crazy sale at Circuit City and 160 Gb went for $40. Now, I have close to 100 hours of storage available.

I also took a look at Steffie’s retired XBox, with thought of converting it to something more useful. Right now that looks out. Any conversions require soldering, which I can do, but don’t want to.

Later on I’ll try and repair the front panel media bay on this machine. Of course the fact that I’ve put it off for moths could mean it will continue to wait.

The window is open up here in my office. It’s been open all day. The weather is exceptionally nice. This is certainly the driest August day I can remember.

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