Clicky To The Hospital

Helaine and Stef went to a concert Saturday night and took “Clicky,” my Canon 300D “Digital Rebel” with them. Unfortunately, not one of the photos Stef took came out!

It’s not her fault. This is a well documented design flaw in the 300D. Sometimes it happens while the camera’s in warranty. In my case, it waited over 18,000 shots and a few years before it broke.

This afternoon I went to the attic and my stash of bubble wrap. “Clicky” is now safely ensconced in an old QVC box, ready for his trip to New Jersey.

In a way I’m happy this happened now. In October, Helaine and I are going out west. It will be a trip made for photography. Imagine if the camera would have broken then!

I’ve actually been anticipating this moment and worrying it wouldn’t happen until October.

After around a week, and with more money than I’d like going to Canon, “Clicky” should be back home. From what I’ve read, once this fix is made, the camera will live a much longer and healthier life.

In the meantime, I was able to manually set the broken piece for one last photo.

2 thoughts on “Clicky To The Hospital”

  1. Geoff – As a Canon 300D owner, I’m wondering what happened to your camera? Did it just die? I’ve not read about this problem before. How much is Canon charging to fix it?


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