Long Day’s Journey To New York

On the train back from New York City, I told Helaine and Steffie I might not have time to get an entry in today. The were flabbergasted!

It seems no entry is heresy. OK – here it is.

Basically, we spent the day in New York, mostly shopping. There are pictures and a few stories to tell, but I am so bushed right now, there’s no way I can tell them!

Tomorrow – more detail for sure.

2 thoughts on “Long Day’s Journey To New York”

  1. Geoff-

    How many days have you missed, making a daily post — very few for sure. That there is ALWAYS a new Geoff post, on such a wide variety of topics, is obviously why you have over a Million “hits”..


  2. I have missed a handful over three years.

    That being said, there are examples, like the entry attached to this comment, which is merely a short, inconsequential, place holder. That’s sort of a cop out on my part so I can say I published. But did I really?

    Maybe I should just let the day pass instead of writing something nearly worthless.

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