Flying For Fun

I walked into work today, passed by a monitor, and saw flames shooting out of an apartment window. Twenty minutes earlier when I left home, there were no fires.

“Where,” I asked?

“New York,” was the answer.

What was my first thought? Yours too, right?

We really have changed. We’re all on edge. Terrorists have made us think differently, whether they threaten us on a daily basis or not. We’ve all become skittish.

We were told to go about our business… don’t let terrorists affect us. That’s how they win. But, how can you not? How can you blot out what happened?

It’s too early to know anything about todays accident (and indications are it was a tragic accident). I checked and conditions were below “Visual Flight Rules.” Ceilings were under 2,000 feet.

I’ve wanted to learn to fly for years. Earlier this year Helaine encouraged me to do it. “Life is too short,” she said. “If you really want something, go for it.”

When things settle down a little more, probably this winter, I’ll start. Mike P., one of my support buddies from Wisconsin has become my mentor. The AOPA, always anxious for new members, sends me a monthly magazine with tips.

It’s actually pretty exciting. I took lessons in my early 20s, but never finished. It’s different now.

Of course at this moment, what happened today over the Upper East Side in Manhattan is resonating in my mind. What was he doing up there over the city on this very inhospitable day? How do I make sure that’s never me?

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  1. Last I checked, flying was still safer than driving overall. But one never knows when their number is up, so to speak. You can adhere to all the rules, fly only on clear days, and still have an accident of some sort occur unexpectedly. Helaine is right – life is too short. If you really want to fly – – – DO IT. The only regrets I’ve ever had in life were over the things I didn’t do when I had the opportunity.

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