On To Poker

We’ve been coming to Las Vegas a long time, and I’ve been playing poker here a long time. I used to think I was a good player, when I wasn’t. Now I think I’m a good player again. We’ll see.

I started this afternoon is a sit ‘n go Hold’em tournament. Ten players, with two getting paid. When we got to three left, the remaining players made a deal. I finished third, but cashed out.

Tonight I played a larger tournament. The buy-in was similar, but now there were closer to 40 players involved.

I didn’t do as well, going out in 12th place. Only five got paid.

Between this afternoon and evening I’m up $5 at poker… except I tipped the dealer $5 when I won… and tipped the cocktail waitresses another $3 for coffee and water.

My running ‘poker only’ total is +$5. The other $8 is my price for a good time. The casino that ran the games grossed $45. They’re the big winner here.

By the way, my poker playing was very good with only one costly error.

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