Rubbing Players The Right Way

From lv friday

I almost forgot to post this. While I was playing the noon poker tournament at Caesars, I witnessed a first for me. A player requested a masseuse and received a massage, all while playing cards.

I don’t know how much it cost, but it wasn’t free.

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  1. Hi Geoff,

    Nice to read about some of your Vegas adventures. The practice of table-side massages is not new. I received my first in Atlantic City their first year of casino poker — around 1996 or so. It was great. Though I was happily married, I seriously thought about proposing to the wonderful Korean woman who performed that magic on my back. Only my deep and abiding love for my wife and kids kept me from becoming a bigamist.

    Foxwoods has a massage service during their two major tournaments since I’ve been going in 1994. They have expanded this service in recent years. Just last weekend at FARGO the Foxwoods Annual Recreational Gambling Outing (a convention of sorts of on line poker junkies)folks were giving massages. I write “service” but it surely isn’t free — though I think it’s a good deal. Typically it’s about $1/minute. Fifteen minutes of heaven for three red chips sure seems like a bargain after a few hours at the table to me anyway.

    Hope you’ve recovered from whatever ailment you received in Las Vegas (probably some horrible virus transmitted on the filthy poker chips you handled — have you ever looked at those things under a microscope). I managed to win a tournament at FARGO and am always up for a contest at your house.

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