Where’s My Traffic?

At about the same time I left on vacation, my website traffic took a significant hit. It’s tough to quantify, but it could be as much as 30%!

I shouldn’t care, though I do. I’m not writing for a mass audience. I’d just like to think as people discover my little essays, my readership will grow. That’s been this blog’s history.

For totally unrelated reasons, I took a look at Google Images tonight. I’ve written in the past that whenever Elena Dementieva does well, this site does too!

My photos of her are no longer on the first page of links… nor the second.

It’s probable Google has redone their index. I am not the beneficiary.

There’s little I can do except hope for more links. I know some of you reading this have blogs of your own. If you ever find anything here worthwhile, please link back. That’s how Google assigns value to a site.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to be happy with what I’ve got, which is after all more than I ever anticipated when I started 1,132,582 page reads ago.

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