The Trauma Continues

We are coming to the end of the dumpster entries. It is due to get picked up tomorrow morning, leaving for parts unknown.

On the phone this afternoon, my dad asked what I’d write about? It’s been my obsession for two weeks now.

I don’t have a clue.

I went shopping today in support of the dumpster campaign. Seriously. Having a dumpster means throwing things away and also making a commitment to properly store the things you keep.

I’m not good at shopping. To me, shopping is a traumatic experience. On my list of things to do, shopping is very close to my upcoming colonoscopy.

First stop was Home Depot. I had to return some utility shelving and desiccant (don’t ask) and pick up a few oddball light bulbs. As I got to the returns register, the clerk was being hassled by two (seemingly drunk) men, both with full beards, also returning something.

Next stop, BJ’s. Helaine said they’d have the storage bins I wanted for my office. I wanted six. They had three. While waiting in line, I noticed one of the tops was cracked.

I wheeled them back where they had been stored, walked to the car and drove back to Home Depot.

Home Depot had lots of bins in two sizes – too big and too small. I sensed my deodorant was beginning to fail.

I consulted Helaine on the phone. Target had some bins, she thought, and then she proceeded to tell me where they were in the store and how to get there (enter on the right side).

Whatever I am as a shopper, Helaine is the opposite. She is the master. She has no idea how much I respect her mad shopping skills.

Sure enough I got to Target and there was a plethora of bins just where she said they would be. In fact, there were so many, I freaked and couldn’t figure which size would be right.

In a flash I was back on the phone to Helaine, who was now questioning her 23+ year old decision to marry me.

I drove home with five 66 quart plastic storage bins and their attendant lids and spent much of the rest of the afternoon going at my office. Why five and not the six I’d planned for? Again, I’m clueless.

If shopping can be traumatic, it was for me today.

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