Where’s My Cell Service?

Helaine left her phone on the kitchen counter when she went to bed. She wanted me to take a look, because it’s stopped seeing our local cell site.

“Searching,” is what it said. If you attempted to make a call anyway, the phone responded, “No Network.”

This is the cellphone equivalent of, “I’m trying as hard as I can.” “Don’t be angry with me, it’s not my fault” is implied.

It was nearly midnight and I was talking with my folks, climbing the hill to get home, when I realized the problem wasn’t with Helaine’s phone. My call disconnected. I looked down – no signal – zero bars.

As I continued to drive, my phone’s inherent urge to connect remained unrequited. Our local cell site had quite simply vanished.

It’s possible that it’s broken. Maybe it’s been put on a truck to be moved elsewhere in the area. Or maybe it’s moving, but out of the area. I don’t know. Who could I ask?

It’s totally possible there are high tech guys in jump suits all over the problem right now. Or, possibly, “We’ll get around to it later. Your call is important to us,” is the attitude toward my dilemma.

It’s tough to know, because I can’t send an email to Cingular. I must check one of the following boxes before my email’s accepted, though none apply!

* Is there any physical problem with the handset that could be causing the problem? (Select all that apply)

Phone cannot be powered on and off

Cracked or dark screen

Battery depleted

Volume not properly adjusted

I tried calling too. Like an obedient puppy, I punched in my phone number and navigated through a voice mail tree only to have the pleasant (recorded) woman on the other end tell me they were only open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM – something not revealed on their website nor mentioned when they answer the call!

Sweet. The joke’s on me.

I think our missing cell site is one formerly owned by AT&T before Cingular swallowed them up. That’s just a guess, of course.

It’s got to be nearby, though I couldn’t give you an exact location. Area 51, the famous “secret” military base in the Nevada desert, is more readily acknowledged that cellphone sites.

The likelihood is, by the time I get up tomorrow, the cellphone will be working again… unless it isn’t.

I know I’m getting bogged down here, so let me regroup and try and give you the essence of my mindset.

I’m frustrated, that of all the things I use on a daily basis, I have the least control over my cellphone. All the commitment is on my side, not their’s.

Hold on – isn’t that women’s universal complain about men? Now I get it.

2 thoughts on “Where’s My Cell Service?”

  1. Hey, fewest dropped calls, right?

    What they don’t tell you is that you cannot

    drop what you cannot establish so your problem

    doesn’t count against them.

  2. After being a loyal customer (with 4 lines) to SNET/SBC/Cingular since 1993; I jumped ship and ran with the better coverage. In my experience (16 months now) Verizon is very reliable and cost effective . While there are rarely dropped calls, the amount does not come near the amount I experienced with Cingular. A few days ago I was in South Carolina with a friend. Her service (Cingular) would not even work in her daughters house, my Verizon service was excellent! Good Luck with Cingular!

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