That Call Parents Get

We were midway through the 5:00 PM news when my cellphone began to vibrate. The caller ID said Steffie was on the other end. She’s coming home tonight from college.

There was an uneasy quality in her voice when she said hello. She’d dropped her roommate off at LaGuardia Airport and almost immediately made a wrong turn.

Online directions don’t start you from the terminal and LaGuardia is particularly confusing. After all, it was built when flying boats landed on the Bay and planes carried a few dozen passengers at best.

I am pleased to report, she didn’t panic. In fact, she kept her wits about her, just as she should have and was quickly going over the Triborough Bridge toward the Bronx – not her original intention, but close enough.

From there, the directions were ‘in your head’ simple.

We’re looking forward to seeing Steffie through the weekend. I’m sure she’s looking forward to getting home too – where the shower isn’t shared, the hallways aren’t noisy and where there’s a quiet section of the couch already reserved for her.

Laundry service is included as well.

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