Flying Low

NEW YORK (AP) – Macy’s is flying its big balloons for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but they will be kept lower than usual because of wind gusts. The last-minute decision allows Snoopy and the other famous balloons to be part of the annual New York tradition.

The TV was on downstairs and I could swear Ronald McDonald was scraping his knees on Broadway!

I suppose half a loaf is better than none at all. It’s still awful outside.

I woke to the smell of stuffing. Helaine is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the three of us. Maybe three just isn’t enough for a ‘real’ family dinner, but that’s all we’ve got here.

Our dinner will come late – around 7:00 PM. That’s because I’m working. The normal 7:24 PM cut-in has been cut-out, allowing me to split right after the news at 6:30 PM.

I look forward to that.

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