Cut Off Again

I was ‘resting’ when the call came in. It was the automated voice of my credit card company. Something was amiss. My call was important to them… though not important enough to assign an actual human right off the bat.

The disembodied voice asked me to recognize a few transactions.

Good luck with that! Steffie’s in town. Let the shopping begin.

I figured one purchase was for glasses. The other was our subscription to the New York Times. It seemed high. And, the voice said it had been denied.

I pushed three on my touchtone pad and waited for someone with a pulse. Meanwhile, I grabbed my cellphone, punched in Helaine’s number, and pressed it to my other ear.

Before Visa could answer, Helaine explained how our newspaper bill is only processed every few months. The number was high, but OK.

The young woman from Visa said a wrong expiration date had been entered by the newspaper delivery folks. All was well now. We had been shut off for a few moments, but were now back in service.

This went very smoothly – because I had been napping. If I had been shopping with Helaine and Stef, the story would have played out differently.

Once again, napping shows its worth in our modern society.

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