I’m Already Hungry

It’s 1:25 PM. I’m hungry.

The day is just starting for me and I feel the urge to eat. I can’t.

Tomorrow is my colonoscopy. I’m setting my body up for tonight’s ‘fun.’ I will be, to paraphrase an old maxim, a greased goose.

People who’ve had this done before tell me the post-laxative hours are the worst part of the whole colonoscopy gala. The procedure itself is no big deal.

I’m also worried about the intravenous needle and the sedation. I’d like to be awake, if only mildly so. I have a deathly fear of being put totally under.

Interestingly enough, I have no fear of them finding cancer. I’m not saying it can’t happen – after all, that’s what the procedure is for – I’m just not worried about it.

Is that denial?

My breakfast consisted of a cup and a half of bullion. Until tomorrow evening, I will have nothing but liquids and ice cream… and it can’t be chocolate ice cream.

Did I mention, I’m already hungry?

3 thoughts on “I’m Already Hungry”

  1. Spoke with Helaine this morning and she said you are doing fine. The prep is the worst part. The balance will be over before you know it, and most likely, you’ll remeber none of it.

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