Write And They Will Respond

I never know how, or if, what I ‘blog’ will be valued. It never ceases to amaze me that my words are read at all.

I seem to have become some sort of London Lee expert, though I’ve never met him. I get emails asking about London all the time.

It’s been at least 30 years since I’ve even seen him on TV!

Ditto for the somewhat more contemporary John Mayer. I wrote about him and how we met. Now people who want to meet him write me. Sorry, no contact. I can tell you he’s a nice guy.

He seemed very bright. I value that. He was close to his folks. I value that too.

He might be the best guitarist I’ve ever heard – really.

Today I got an email asking if Darlene Love was going to make her yearly appearance with Letterman. I hope so, but how would I know?

Sure, I write about it every year, but Dave’s not confessing to me.

Finally, this weekend I wrote about Playboy Playmates. Wouldn’t you know it; a note came concerning that.

2 thoughts on “Write And They Will Respond”

  1. Geoff….

    You can tell your reader with confidence that Darlene will make her annual Letterman appearance on Friday night December 22nd.

    If they’d rather catch her in person, she’s headlining a Christmas concert at Lincoln Center in Manhattan on Sunday night the 17th.

    Mike McCann

    Entertainment Journalist

  2. I knew Alan when he was Alan Levine at his fathers dress company Mike Levine. Loved to bet football but picked games that even Vegas didn’t make book on! He was a nut but a really good guy.

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