An EBay Weakness

I like eBay and have bought loads of things there. And, like many eBay users, I check feedback to see if those I’m dealing with are relatively trustworthy (you never really know).

Still, I’m irked by the email I received tonight. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the second one from this seller.


SNN5696. Please leave feedback for me on eBay and I’ll do the same for you.

Immediatly Upon leaving Positive feedback You will receive positive feedback

for your account!! Take this opportunity now and help build a better eBay


He got his money before he shipped the product. At that point, he should have sent feedback, right?

By saying, “Please leave feedback for me on eBay and I’ll do the same for you,” it’s extortion, not a freely offered opinion. This is not how you build a “better eBay community.”

But, what can I do? If I post my opinion as his feedback, he’ll tar me! Like I said – extortion.

3 thoughts on “An EBay Weakness”

  1. Geoff,

    As primarily a seller on eBay, I believe you are correct in that you met your obligation on this purchase therefore you are entitled your feedback from the seller. The only contention could be is the shipping outcome (lost or damaged) and those terms should have been addressed prior to payment.

    My suggestion is to ignore their request. They will not post negatively on you for the same reason you might… just let it go…we don’t need them.

  2. I’m sure you know you got a nice plug on the ARRL site so stopped by to check out your blog. Nicely done and easy to read. 73 de John, ks4xn

  3. Geoff,

    I have to agree with Mike’s comment. I have been both a seller and a buyer and I NEVER wait for feedback before leaving one as a seller. If I receive prompt payment and a good experience from the buyer, I will leave a positive feedback immediately after shipping the item. If the seller has done their job correctly, they should have laid out the shipping details, return policy (if they have one) and any warranties or guarantees prior to payment. One thing you could do is report this email to eBay. Other than that, just ignore it. Sounds like this seller is trying to secure his feedback rating through strong-arm tactics.

    Keep up the terrific work my friend!!


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