Best Christmas Gift – Guaranteed

What are you getting for Christmas (or Chanukah)? No matter what it is, I’ll bet I can tell you about someone who getting something better. It’s my friend Kevin.

Kevin was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in early July. It came out of the blue. He has been undergoing vigorous chemotherapy treatment, but this is a terrible cancer – maybe the worst.

The one thing that struck me about Kevin is, he has remained positive. I don’t think I could pull that off. His determination and his spirit have not wavered one iota.

The opening rounds of chemo were ineffective. The cancer continued to spread from his pancreas to his liver.

You’ve got to figure, after two failed chemo formulations things were pretty bleak. After all, the ‘best’ drugs are administered first.

Then on the third go ’round, Kevin wrote…

4 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gift – Guaranteed”

  1. That’s great to hear about your friend Kevin! My grandfather had CLL Which is a form of Leukimia and the doctors gave him 6 months to a year. My grandfather lived for 7 years. Never give up is so true…

  2. I vaguely remember talking with Kevin on more than one occassion. Thank you for posting his call, as I remember that call & handle but cannot put a “Voice” to it. I hope all is well and the improvements continue…. one note to all the rest of us, a quote from my departed father, ” Despite what all the doctors and the studies on the News say, the leading cause of death is BIRTH. Enjoy the time you have on this Earth, and make every minute count! You never know when or how your time will come.”

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