Antlers Off

A few weeks ago I put antlers on my car. Tonight they came off.

As with Christmas lights, antlers age poorly after December 25.

This was a good experiment, as experiments go. No one had anything bad to say about the two growths sticking up over the roof of my car. In fact, most people thought it was a good idea. I even had a few people ask me where to get them (mine were a gift).

They are not babe magnets. Sorry.

As long as I’m at it, a fancy sports car isn’t a babe magnet either. There is only one sure fire babe magnet – a cute dog.

There are a few downsides to sporting antlers. Though they slip over the top of the passenger and drivers side windows, the fit is not air tight. In other words, there’s wind noise in the car.

If you’re not careful, when you roll your window down, the antlers can detach and fall to the pavement. At work we have to swipe a card to enter the parking lot. I only had to retrieve the antlers once.

Also, the antlers are exposed to whatever you’re driving in. Tonight it was rainy. I removed two very wet antlers and a saturated red nose. Yuck!

If Steffie doesn’t steal… uhhhh… borrow them, they’ll be back. For the time being, they’re safely tucked away in the garage waiting for next December.

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