Nice Mention In The Paper

I had a nice mention by Randy Beach in this Sunday’s New Haven Register. I am flattered they consider me a credible source.

I like answering reporter’s questions about weather, but it’s really difficult. The atmosphere is very complex.

Unfortunately, you can’t give complex answers. They have to be understood by a general audience with little scientific background. At the same time, in order to simplify, I’m removing exceptions that make it more difficult to generalize.

What I’m saying is, I don’t want someone smarter than me reading what I said and saying, “What an idiot.” Surely it’s happened in the past. And there are lots of really smart people in this area.

Speaking of outside media, I join Faith Middleton on WNPR a week from today. The two Times-Picayune reporters who wrote the definitive story on Katrina will also be there.

What they say about New Orleans will probably frighten people. What I’ll say about Connecticut should frighten even more. The more I look at it, the more petrified I am by another Hurricane of ’38 scenario.

Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to toss that around too.


Like June in January

Randall Beach , Register Staff


2 thoughts on “Nice Mention In The Paper”

  1. Geoff,

    Here’s a question for you. We know that climate is different than “weather.”

    Would you say that El Nino is BOTH climate and weather?

  2. Not to overload you with comments / questions-

    But if we had a Katrina event in CT- it seems that the wealthy portions of the shoreline would have more choices and avenues for evacuation. I don’t mean to generalize- but certain towns could truck it out faster. Do our shoreline cities have adequate evacuation plans for those with less resources (elderly, poor, etc.)? Could they be improved? Is anybody at the state or local level looking at this?

    Also, in my readings of Wilbur Cross’s autobiography (interesting fact, he used to be a person before he was a parkway!), the damage and flooding upstate was unreal. Would we be able to predict and properly direct people away to safety? e.g., would Albany be better than Boston or Scranton- and how would we know?

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