Happy Anniversary

Today, January 11, 2007, is my parents 59th wedding anniversary. That’s no small achievement.

Successful marriage was the topic of discussion tonight, as my mom and I talked while I drove home from work.

I think my folks have a great marriage. They still entertain each other. They still enjoy each others company. They respect each other. Respect is the key.

I asked my mom if she thought my dad was smart. She didn’t miss a beat. “Of course,” she said.

How much could they have really known about each other when they got engaged and then married? Compared to 59 years of marriage, they knew bupkis.

They were lucky. They each found the right person. Their union had the right ingredients, even if they didn’t have the experience to know that at the time.

Happy anniversary mommy and daddy. How can it be anything but?

On this, their 59th anniversary, I invite you to hear the story of how they met, in their own words and pictures.

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