I Leave In Four Hours

No sleep yet. Barely home from work. I leave in four hours.

Where? Somehow, I’ve been included in a trip to Atlantic City with a few friends. For them it’s an annual event. It’s my first showing. It promises to be a poker marathon.

I would kvetch about the lack of sleep and ungodly departure time, but they’re older than me! Thank God someone is.

There might not be much time for blogging, but I am bringing my camera should there be anything to document. And, I’ll have a chance to visit with my friend Peter, who lives at the Jersey Shore most of the time.

The charge I’ve been given by my family is, “Smoke ’em.” I intend on coming home a winner. Really. Honest. I’m not kidding.

C’mon… stop laughing.

Blogger’s note – The chip pictured above is my design and only exists in graphic form. In other words – it’s not real.

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