I’m Numberless

What’s your most organized time of the day? For me, it’s the thirty seconds that precede getting in the car for work.



Collar stays




Cell phone








Trust me – I’ve forgotten each of these at least once… some a lot more than once. The wallet and watch are the worst. If either of these are missing, I walk with a list!

Wow, this entry is just starting and I’m already off on a tangent.

Anyway, I left the house, turned on the phone, checked my messages and realized there was something I had to tell Helaine. She’s “9” on my speed dial.

Nothing. An error message told me slot 9 was unassigned.

Uh oh. Not good.

As I drove, I hit the button to see my phone numbers and… oh crap… nothing. All my entries are gone. It’s really not important how it happened, though I know it’s not my fault.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t dial most numbers anymore. I just find them in my phone book and hit send. My phone book has taken the place of my memory.

It’s possible there’s an old version somewhere on my computer at home. It’s certainly not a recent version, but it will get me started.

Meanwhile my friends Wendie, who got a new number with a job promotion and my friend Farrell, now in the Palm Springs area, are lost. I don’t even know his area code!

The awful thing about this kind of loss is that you don’t even know what you’re missing. If you’re leaving a message for me, please leave your number.

Blogger’s note: Somehow, I managed to find a month’s old backup on my backup PC. I now start the task of updating numbers that have changed.

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