The High Def Diff

Sometime in the next few years, my television station will make the switch from plain old analog TV to hi-def. We’re already passing along hi-def network shows, but aren’t producing anything with that rich video quality in house.

The TV station’s going to do it whether I like it or not, though I sense seeing the news and weather in high definition isn’t on your short list.

Some of my co-workers worry. What will we look like when ‘warts and all’ really means ‘warts and all’?

I’d like to say I’m not that vain – but I am. After all, I wear make-up at work.

A nameless co-worker watched the NFL playoffs on hi-def this weekend. “They look old,” she said. “Lots of make-up,” but it didn’t help. I’ve heard the make-up is sprayed on, like a phony tan.

Not only will the ‘talent’ be under more scrutiny in a high definition world, so will our sets! Little blemishes that go unnoticed now, the nap of the carpet or the trim on the anchor desk, will glare. Maybe they’ll wax the floor every day?

Oh – here’s what brought this up. There was an article in the Times a few days ago about some other TV performers who are already suffering – porn stars&#185!

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  1. maybe you’re right about HD being less forgiving, but when wtnh goes HD, the widescreen will allow you to stand in front of NY or RI when you’re working the weather maps – no more angry emails from lower fairfield county!

  2. All this HDTV talk for the last few years (seems more like +7) and we finally made the purchase of a 37″ 1080p LCD a few months ago. The major factor for us waiting was the lack of content -there was none or very little to be had. I must say that we waited until our satellite company could provide HDTV content and DVR abilities (like the standard Tivo recording device we had and loved). Now is the time to switch based on cost and content, there is enough content now.

    One pleasing factor I had a month ago with the new satellite receiver was a OTA (Over The Air) firmware update for local channels. This OTA update was the best thing EVER! We use to switch over to the fuzzy analog signal coming in on our tiny little rabbit ears on top of the TV to watch our favorite WTNH Channel 8 News (Can I say that here?) and that was just terrible! After this update I thought I would have to get some funky HDTV OTA antenna to receive the OTA DIGITAL signal to Shelton. I was wrong, I gave the little rabbit ears a try- WOW, what can I say, it works and not only is it a pure clean digital picture, it is in High Def when the signal is relayed as Geoff’s says (No fuzzy picture-very little MP4 compression but still great HDTV). Pretty much with digital signals you either get it or you don’t. What amazed me the most is the fact there are two Channel 8’s, 8-1 and 8-2. 8-2 is the secondary station that most of the time displays our local radar weather, really cool. It is truly amazing digitals signals use considerably less bandwidth but give our eyes and ears so much more by filtering out what we can’t see and hear. Another nice feature with my setup is that the online guide and DVR features all work with Channel 8 regardless of OTA or satellite signal. The local news is now better than I have ever seen it anywhere, is this possibly 480p or is it still 480i?

    As far as concerned newscasters and actors, I don’t necessarily want to see the imperfections either. However, I do enjoy the realism and the feeling of being there. I know of at least one HDTV morning show that does not zoom in, effectively hiding human insecurities and still great to watch in HDTV. HDTV should be like a live in personal show? There are many creative and technological things that can, should and will be done to make this work for everyone. There is no need for up close head shots, pan away and add some more or other type of content, use the split and multiple screen more…etc, be creative. I would love to see the weather map in a higher resolution (Not Geoff, just kidding). Are the maps and radar native to a higher resolution already at the station? I hear TheWeatherChannel is going HDTV very soon.

  3. I plan to hold out until the day I turn my analog TV on and nothing happens. If that means having to Netflix DVDs of my favorite shows a year after the fact and only listen to the Sox and the Pats on the radio, so be it.

    It boggles my mind that the American public is taking this forced switch to HDTV lying down. TVs aren’t cheap, digital sets even less so. This whole thing is such a transparent bending-over to the lobby of the tv manufacturers, and it’s completely stunning that there haven’t been any loud protests.

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