She’s Outta Here

Attention college students. Do you actually know how good you’ve got it?

Steffie got out of school a few days before Christmas. She’s still home, though this is the last day. After dinner tonight, she’s outta here, on her way back to college.

That’s a full month plus, with spring break, weekends and a full (and very long) summer still to come.

Jealous? Me? Sure.

It was a great break for her. Over the summer she worked at a store in a local mall. She went back and worked there this month too. She’ll be returning to school with a nice wad of cash.

It was also a great break for us as a family. It’s a more mature Steffie I see. She’ll probably wince when she reads this, but she is more understanding of others, more polite, more willing to help.

Don’t get me wrong. She’s still 19. These traits sometimes temporarily disappear. But the changes I see are likely to be permanent.

It makes you stop and think, has she caught on to what she’s doing now and how it will impact the rest of her life? I know youth is wasted on the young, but at sometime you do grow up. I sense that’s happening now.

I will miss her when she’s gone.

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