How We Watch TV

I’m writing this, because I just went to pause the TV, but couldn’t. My parents are old school and, as I have suddenly realized while sitting in their living room, I am not.

Tonight, while I was playing with my blog, they were on the sofa watching “24”. They watched every second from the station ID right through the credits. They saw every commercial – in real time.

The DVR has changed my life. The Internet as a second source for video has changed my life. My parents are unaffected

The show I want to pause is on public TV. I’m watching Charlie Rose interview Steve Wozniak. This is not about commercials, it’s about watching TV on my schedule. I want it in five minutes, not this second.

Is this extra efficiency in my life really an advantage, or have I become a slave to productivity? I’m leaning toward the latter and it’s making me sad.

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