I have terrible angst and misgivings as I await tonight’s storm.

I wish it was snowing. I wish it was over. I wish it would only do what I said.

My stomach is churning.

8 thoughts on “Misgivings”

  1. I just want to publicly thank you for not naming the winter storms, like Channel 3 does.

    A question: is this really a “Nor’easter”?? I don’t think so, but I might just have grown up with the wrong definition up there in Maine.

  2. Unfortunately, Scott probably fell prey to the system I use to block comment spam. Certain words and phrases, some which can be used inocuously, are denied.

    There are better, more modern systems, but I’m stuck with what works on this particular software package. There are so many customizations on this blog, all undocumented by me, that I’m petrified to change anything.

  3. Geoff, I have the same question as Meredith: Is this truly a Nor’easter? I thought those were coastal storms that dumped on us from the ocean (hence northeast direction of wind and influx of precipitation). If this came across the country from the west, how does the term “nor’easter” apply?

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