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In bed and bleary eyed, I turned on the TV. The luster is already off the Anna Nicole hearing, so I grazed the channels, stopping at NECN (New England Cable News).

I think it was a press photographer… a still camera guy… speaking off camera, as they went from photo to photo to photo. He explained technique and cited the very talented shooters who had snapped these photos in the course of their daily work.

While a photo of two kids in the snow was on the screen, he said something I will never forget. It was a quote from his father (Actually, this being a channel from Boston, he quoted his fahthah).

There are only three groups who like snow – children, poets and crazy people.

As you were.

5 thoughts on “Great Quote”

  1. Great Job on the forecasts this winter there Geoff. I mean do you actually watch the models or just look at the weather channel and pick a forecast out of a hat? Not one of your forecasts have been right this year even the sunny days. Your annoying and obnoxious. You will probably delete this because you don’t like what people think of you, but I just want to make one thing clear: Your forecasts stink and I don’t like you.

  2. My first impression is to remove this comment, which obviously is not from Dr. Mel. I won’t.

    The person who wrote it, who is a Charter Cable subscriber, probably thinks he’s anonymous. Of course, he is not, since his computer was kind enough to deposit his IP address. It’s an address only he possesses tonight.

    Of course, using someone else’s identity is a crime, though it’s doubtful this one would ever be prosecuted.

    Not everyone likes me. I’m shocked. Life goes on.

    The only part that bothers me is, this poster isn’t enough of an adult to say something and sign his name to it. Why bother?

    Remember John Hancock? He put his name on the line, though he knew it might certainly lead to his death. In fact, that eventuality encouraged him to make his name large enough for the King to read!

    It’s easy to leave a message. It’s much more difficult to allow yourself to be scrutinized by signing your work. Like this…

    Geoff Fox

  3. That you have been a key Channel 8 weatherman since May of 1984 — that tenure speaks for itself! Your daily blog visit counter is currently at ~1.3 million hits!

    Those numbers obviously indicate: A popular, trusted weather forecaster; and an individual whose blog is a daily read for many! Obviously the above poster is a “lone wolf”.


  4. My wife loves snow. I think that’s because she grew up in Southern California, where snow is a form of recreation, rather than a hazard of winter life. You might want to add to the quote: There are only four groups who like snow – children, poets, crazy people, and those who’ve lived nearly all their lives in Southern California. I’ve lived in New York and Wisconsin; I’ve had enough snow. From where I live now in Southern California, you can see snow on the mountains while you’re enjoying temperatures in the mid-70s. I love that kind of snow.

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