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Am I the last to see this? There was a teaser trailer, with cute bunnies, for the new Simpsons Movie a few months back. Now there is a full fledged Simpsons Movie trailer.

I’ve linked to the one that fits on my screen, but high definition wide screen versions are also offered. They are larger than my 19″ LCD screen can handle natively!

I don’t watch The Simpsons all the time, but when I do, I enjoy it. It might be the most well defined comedy on TV. It certainly has the largest identifiable cast.

Think about it. I can name more characters on the Simpsons than any other show that’s ever been on television! You can probably do that too.

The trailer knocks me out! It is the cheesy animation style I’ve grown to love, now in movie form. What I mean is, it’s still rough hewn, but with more detail, especially the backgrounds.

No – check that. The increased detail is totally in the backgrounds. The characters are just the same as they are on TV.

Did I mention the voice of Don LaFontaine?

Though one day late for my birthday, I look forward to July 27 and pray for cinematic magic. This move has the potential to be so good… or bad.

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