It Snowed Last Night

It was snowing before I went to bed. I could see two or three inches of what looked like wet snow sitting in our driveway. There were big flakes coming down. Wet snow has big flakes.

By the time I woke up, it was over. I stirred a little when Frank ran the plow through our driveway, but managed to get back to sleep.

School kids love the weatherman on days like this. After (for most of them) a week off, vacation gets extended another day.

My driveway is black. Our little street is black. The rest of the visual world is white. This being wet snow, that includes snow ‘clumps’ clinging to trees.

It will be a pain in the ass to get to work today. Tonight, on my way home, it will be more of a pain, because I’ll have to be on the lookout for black ice.

That being said, it’s very pretty outside. In a winter of few storms, I’m willing to look at this one as Mother Nature’s art.

Mother Nature, you’ve been warned.

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