Best Seat InThe House

We were invited to a dinner tonight, which was over by 7:30 PM. It was in the Convention Center at the MGM Grand. Helaine and I headed back toward the casino (this facility is so large, it might as well be in another area code) and I sat down at a $1/$2 no limit Hold’em table.

A casino might run many games at the same level, so they assign you a seat in order to keep the tables balanced. I was sent to table seven, a standard ten seat Hold’em table against the rail that separates the poker room from regular public space.

To one side is Centrifuge, a loud bar. On the other side is the sports book. Straight ahead is a glass enclosed habitat with a few very live lions walking around. The walkway in front of the poker room was very busy.

I had the six seat, meaning I was facing the dealer slightly off the middle of the table. More important, my view was out toward the throngs.

Originally, I felt cheated. There were no TV sets for me to see. It’s customary when I’m out of a hand for me to stare of at a sporting event on TV. I’m back in the game when the next hand’s dealt.

Within a few minutes, I realized how much better entertainment I’d get this way!

There was a a little of everyone walking by. I saw a man and woman who were a cowgirl and cowboy. There was a woman dressed in ‘mod’ fashions from the 60s. A heavy bride led an entourage of interestingly dressed friends and relatives.

Mostly I ogled at young women in skimpy outfits. There was plenty of exposed flesh.

Forgive me Helaine, because it was great sport to watch… even from afar.

This was dress to impress… or maybe dress to attract. Often the girls would walk by in packs of three or four or more. Some of them stopped a moment to have their pictures taken in front of the Dave Matthews Band posters (he appeared last night and tonight). A number of guys walked with their dates in tow. In other cases, the women were towing the men!

I assume few were here for the lions. More than likely they were headed toward Centrifuge. Even though drinks are free for casino players, bars (where the liquor is sold) are plenty crowded.

When I finished my poker playing (a very good night. Currently I am nicely ‘up’ for the trip), I headed toward the hotel elevators. The rest of the casino was also jammed with young people.

They were clustered near bars and slot machines. They were probably at the table games as well. I wasn’t close enough to see clearly, but the ‘pits’ were jammed too.

Back to my chosen game: Hold’em. I continue to be surprised how TV has turned what was a game of older men and women into a game primarily played by twenty something men. They like the action provided by no limit games, which can be quite free wheeling.

I’m glad I can sometimes take their money.

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  1. One of the best “entertainments” available (and it’s free) is people watching. It can be done where ever people are. Vegas is a gold mine with things seen nowhere else. On the plus side is the money you save by not playing any games. On the negative side is finding a place to sit when you’re down on the floor unless you’re playing. Keep your eyes open.

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