Driving To Sweden

We use Google maps all the time. Here are their directions from California to Sweden – really! Make sure you read through the turn-by-turn directions.

9 thoughts on “Driving To Sweden”

  1. They could have at least let us use a row boat.

    But interesting enough, it seems their route across the atlantic, is static. Play with it, and go to any place in Europe from Any place in the US. It’s the same trek across the ocean, from the same place, to the same place.

    This is why Google r_les. A Little humor never hurt anyone, even when it’s a Billion dollar industry.

  2. Geoff- I am laughing so hard over this! I love the “swim across the Atlantic Ocean” part. One more reason why I love Google.

    Thanks for sharing this- will send the link to all of my buddies.

  3. This link was forwarded to me and I blogged about it. I took it a little further and calculated how fast you’d have to swim (hint: faster than olympic swimmers) and a commenter suggested a way to help.


    p.s. I would include a link to the post here, but Geoff’s comment spam filter doesn’t like links to blogs at blogspot-dot-com. Click on my name to go to my blog or ask Google to point you to “Cognitive Overflow”.

    Geoff adds – http://wemmick.blogspot.com/2007/03/swimming-atlantic.html

  4. I use Google to look at the lunar landscape, looking at the prominent craters and ‘seas’. If you go to maximum magnification, it actually shows the lunar surface…

    …as cheese. Very cute! Geeks with time on their hands, funny stuff!

  5. Thanks Geoff.

    I understand why you block bl*gsp*t, it has built a bad name for itself. One more reason to get off my butt and put my site onto a real domain name.

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