The Doctor Returns

Over the years I have had reasonably decent results while on the Atkins Diet. When I’m off the diet, I balloon up like the pig I am! What happened to those good old days when all I had in my ‘fridge was a bottle of Coke and Hydrox Cookies?

Diets are not immunization against your own foolish acts.

I’m back on the diet.

It had to happen. My clothes aren’t fitting well… or in some cases, they don’t fit at all. I haven’t had the guts to weigh myself, but I’ve got to be close to my all-time high weight.

Some people at work have questioned why I’m dieting. I can’t believe they don’t see it.

Atkins is a very strange diet as far as what you can eat. Lots of protein. Very few carbs. Heavy cream is good. Corn is bad.

Tonight I had a spinach salad with broiled Cajun chicken. I was very proud of myself. Then Helaine asked if I knew how much sugar was in the Cajun coating?

The nice thing about Atkins is you lose fat (therefore inches) right away. I expect a noticeable difference in my clothes within a few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It is going to take months and months before I’m where I want to be.

I don’t really think I have a choice.

One thought on “The Doctor Returns”

  1. a friend once made a comment that made sense , if you want to lose fat , you need to stop puting fat in your body .

    i tried that and kept the fat grams to 10 to 15 grams a day , i lost 100 lbs in about 9 months. now that 10 years have gone by i have gained alot of the wieght back and am doing the same again , i lost 19 lbs in 5 weeks and i can still eat my weakness foods , bread , potatoes , rice and pasta

    good luck

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