Direct To The Door

So far Rudy (our mailman), Dale (DHL) and some blond guy (sorry – don’t know his name… where’s Victor?) in a UPS truck have been to our door today. Yes economy, we’re here for you!

When did this switchover to mail order take hold so deeply? Why don’t we have to touch to buy anymore?

Growing up in Apartment 5E, as I did, our mail box could barely hold a #10 envelope. I don’t even know what happened when we got packages, because I don’t remember ever getting any. I’m sure we did, but it was such a departure from the regular that I can be forgiven for forgetting it over the intervening 40 years.

Back to the big question. When did touch and feel become unimportant in purchasing… and how were we led to accept that?

Catalogs, websites and TV shopping channels show an altered reality as far as ‘real’ goods are concerned. I remember commenting how one TV shopping channel used enough lighting and filter tricks, they could make a pencil sparkle! Certainly, catalog and web shots can make merchandise look better than it would in ‘real life’.

Stores like Circuit City&#185 and Best Buy get the worst of all worlds. Shoppers go there to fondle the goods, then buy online. That seems unfair.

We’re even sparking relationships without physical proximity. That’s pretty much the same thing, right?

A friend in Atlanta met his wife (truly gorgeous) on the Internet. By the time they met, they already knew each other.

How far will this go? What haven’t we bought by mail, which some day we will? Maybe I don’t actually want to know.

&#185 – Have you heard about their upcoming layoffs, made on the basis of salary level? The better you are… the more experience and expertise… the more likely you are to be canned!

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  1. I just got a call from the UPS store at my second home – seems my wife and I have 16 packages that have built up in the 8 weeks since I last left. Think I should tell them there are a dozen more due to arrive before I get there in 2 weeks? Oh, and I know you don’t buy this item, but half of this buildup is wine, and most of my wine collection comes from auctions and sales over the net.

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