Stolen Laptop Followup

I went to look through the continuing comments concerning the stolen laptop story of a few days ago and found the photo you see on the left.

What’s up with that?

Near the bottom of the comments was this one from “LucyEvans11”


I would just like to say that i am one of the people in these pictures.

To clarify, we had no idea that computer was stolen, and are not even in possesion of it.

One of the other peoples friends from out of town was visiting, and we were just messing around on his photobooth.

I believe the computer may have been bought on ebay.

We have contacted topshop via the flickr to sort this out and try to get the pictures removed, as obviously it does not look good on our part. It can be damaging to family and friends, so it would be appreciated if the nasty comments could stop, as they are very hurtful.

Regarding the weed, this is in fact a roll up cigarette, and as for what appears to be somebody snorting something, i do not know as i was not present on this occassion.

Thank you.

The plot thickens.

And out-of-town friend and no pot. Yeah – that’s the ticket.

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