Rainfall Followup

The rain continues to fall – much of it heavy. I think I just heard the rumble of thunder. I’m not 100% sure, but it’s been reported nearby, so maybe.

The real reason I’m posting this is to show a static picture of the recent tide cycles. My earlier link pointed to live data, but this is what’s on the NOAA site as I type. It’s pretty impressive.

As the high tide went out, the water level rose sharply. It looks to be about three feet above astronomical predictions. The practical effect was to prolong what was probably a flooding tide to begin with.

Just in case you didn’t take Oceanography (probably my favorite course from Mississippi State), that three feet is how much higher the water level is off the bottom. Since the bottom is sloped, three feet of higher tide can bring Long Island Sound tens or even hundreds of feet farther inland! Any waves are on top of that!

Anyway, it’s pretty awful out there. Hopefully not much longer. We can’t take it much longer.

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