The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring

Yesterday, Helaine asked if I had seen our weeping cherry tree? Not yet, but I made sure to get a good look on my way to work.

It is the only fully blooming member of our front yard family so far. Like so much of what’s been planted over the last 16 years, it came in via the back seat of our car – probably the Mazda 929 that moved here with us.

The weeping cherry is now tall and full of blooms.

Helaine’s intention yesterday was to cut suckers from the tree’s lower trunk. Tough as it is, all tree and bushes need some pruning. She didn’t get a chance, because the tree was full of bees.

When I went out to take photos this afternoon the bees were still there, but I realized Helaine had made a mistake. It seemed like the tree was crawling with bees because of how rapidly the two or three there were flitting from bud-to-bud.

I stood and watched for a while. They really were busy as bees. For the first time that phrase makes sense.

It was really neat to watch. They have a job to do and do nothing else.

I tried taking some shots with the bees, but it was difficult because of how quickly they moved and how far away I had to stand in order to feel safe. My long lens has a very small viewpoint when focusing a few feet away.

The blooms on this tree are very pretty, but they’ll be gone in a week or two. Springtime is our most colorful season. It just doesn’t last long enough.

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