Bad List To Make

I had not heard of “Bing’s Blog” before this evening. It’s on the CNN site but seems to be more affiliated with Fortune Magazine.

Good old Bing has come up with his list of 50 Bulls**t Jobs. It’s actually a promotion for a book about 100 bulls**t jobs. Personally, I would type out bullshit, but he must feel it’s edgier to write something that everyone knows spells bullshit, though it doesn’t&#185.

Here’s number 37:

Meteorologist on TV

Look good, play with map.

$$: Local weathermen make in the low six figures; those on national morning television can earn millions and reap commercial benefits as well.

How to get it: Be the guy with the best hair and no interest in actual news per se.

The upside: Opportunity to scare people when an inch of snow is coming.

The downside: People actually blame you for bad weather.

The dark side: When a true natural disaster pops up, they send Anderson Cooper!

Forget the money for a sec. The guy with the best hair! Is he kidding?

I suppose when you need to fill 50, or 100 of these, the really well written ones aren’t buried at 37. It’s a cheap shot. I can take cheap shots. What irks me is it’s not a particularly well written cheap shot. I had higher expectations since it comes from Fortune.

Oh – they do blame me for bad weather. At least he got that right.

&#185 – This reminds me. In the next few days I’ll have to write something about my upset with the cleansing of English, as if that sanitizes the meaning of what’s being said.

4 thoughts on “Bad List To Make”

  1. I don’t blame you for the weather, Geoff. Nor do I blame the liberals in Congress that enacted early DST to prove global warming was real. That is ridiculous. It is the Japanese, using old Russian technology, that are manipulating the weather to regain status and world dominance. (:-^)

    Does that smiley say tongue in cheek? I knew that…

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